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We are visual innovators with the philosophy that graphic design is at the cornerstone of conveying information and emotion. Branded Entertainer is a full-service creative agency with an emphasis on using graphic design to develop and communicate an identity.

brand visualization.

Branded Entertainer graphic design highlights the process of creating a targeted message to your audience. Our designer works with a variety of tools, including image and type-based design to effectively brand your business. Our unique approach in combining art and technology to communicate an idea is embedded in every design we develop.

3D Product Rendering

Parkar’s experience in the corporate sector includes knowledge in photographic, digitally painted, and graphically rendered images in addition to a speciality in 3D design

Type-Based Design

Words alone can be used to convey a message. We believe the appearance of text is as important as its meaning. Parkar develops type-based logos and designs to identify products, present information in a visual form in print or on packaging, and communicate an identity.

Image-Based Design

The delicate balance between the creative possibilities of typography and imagery is precisely controlled by our designer. The collaboration between the designer and entrepreneur ensures that the content and purpose of the message is accurate.

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