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creating heart and soul for personal brands in Los Angeles

We design brands

We help develop your corporate identity through web design, logo design, publications, videography, and photography to communicate with your customers.

We market brands

Get your business on the first page of top search engines like Google with a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy tailored to your brand. We improve site structure, plan keywords, and optimize content to get you on page one.

We protect brands

Whether you are an artist, singer, or film producer you are likely to have intellectual property that can be used to build your personal brand and gain a competitive advantage. Any brand with a name, logo, advertisement, or a website has intellectual property and should understand how to protect it.


Your emotional appeal affects how people feel and how they describe you. Branded Entertainer helped Katie Armstrong, Founder at Om Collection, create a personality for her brand, a fashion company specializing in handmade and artist inspired clothing. The Om Collection enables people to look as fabulous as they feel through functional clothing.  We first ask ourselves how people can benefit from a personal brand.

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We help brands and businesses showcase personality — what do you do that makes you stand out from everyone else? We had the privilege of working with Laura Zerra, an adventure survivalist and cast of Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, spending 21 days surviving on a remote island in Panama. We helped Laura establish a voice and communicate with her target audience with purpose.

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eCommerce Meets Personal Branding

sell everything, anywhere.

Sell Your Brand Online

Easily sell your songs, videos, courses, and events online. We provide support for product fulfillment and subscription based services.


Accept credit card and PayPal account payments, BACS, and Cash on Delivery. Run coupons. Set up shop with shipping options and tax rates. Easily transfer funds to your bank. Flexibility is key.

Made With Love

We create thoughtful branded experiences for your fans and customers. Our online storefronts provide entertainers with additional revenue streams through video courses, membership services, product offerings, and subscription based platforms.

Am I Right For Your Brand?

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Relentless. Persistent. Creative. Some people are born to negotiate. That is Michael Loggia. If he doesn’t get what he wants he will get most of what he wants. He will never give up. All exactly what you want in an advocate for your cause or need. What Mike also has is empathy and personality – which is exactly what makes him not only a great negotiator and advocate, but someone who will stand by you as a friend and colleague.

Stephen Lewicki

Film Producer, A Certain Sacrifice

Mr. Loggia was very helpful in starting and building my business. He went beyond the legal work into areas of branding and marketing which helped my business a lot. He’s also very personable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him.

Dr. Bill Chun

Gynecologist, Bill Chun MD

Michael has been an incredible asset to my start-up involving musicians, actors, song-writers, singers and other creatives. He was exacting in answering all of my questions and providing solutions to my challenges. I never felt rushed or unheard, and he delivered in a timely fashion. Michael is truly supportive and a pleasure to work with.

Marc Emmelmann

Music Producer, Epic Kids Songs

Mike brought an unusual combination of talent to this project; he is an artist, photographer and entertainment lawyer. Mike maintained a high level of professionalism throughout which facilitated what I thought was a design that captured the essence of our work. His background as an entertainment lawyer helped secure a copyright in the photos. Throughout the visit, he asked questions about experiments that reflected a genuine curiosity about neuroscience. This, to me, is one of Mike’s most impressive attributes and a reason why I consider him a long-term partner in providing visibility for our work.

Michael Halassa

Principal Investigator, Halassa Lab

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