Michael Loggia

Entertainment Lawyer

 This Is My Story

Entertainment law and personal branding became my chosen career because of my love for creative arts and negotiating. With a deep appreciation and understanding of the arts and business, my focus is creating brands and protecting brands. In law school, I studied intellectual property law including copyrights and trademarks and concurrently honed my website design, photography, and other marketing specialties. My recent success with Laura Zerra, cast member on Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” demonstrates how I can both create and protect personal brands.

How I Can Help

Whether it’s a consignment agreement with a gallery or an endorsement contract with a company, I can negotiate on your behalf to protect your name, brand, and likeness so you can promote yourself. I can also protect your creative rights by forming an effective business structure. For established brands with logos, websites, and photography, I can register federal copyrights and trademarks to prevent others from infringing on your work. Michaelangelo is admitted to practice law in Massachusetts and provides Federal Copyright and Trademark advice nationwide.