It has been an exciting experience working with Emme Town, a new children’s music company featuring baby songs, kids songs, and toddler songs. Emme Town is known for putting an imaginative, positive twist on timeless kids song classics, and they also write new baby songs, kids songs and toddler songs, too. It’s been a long time in the making and I’m happy to share that Emme Town has just released their debut album, Epic Kids Songs Vol. 1.

What is Emme Town?

Emme Town's Epic Kids Songs Vol. 1Emme Town produces baby songs, kids songs, and toddler songs for modern families. Songs are sung by Emme Town’s characters, the townspeople: Jester, Fairy Godmother, Ballerina and Thinker, and children just love singing, dancing and playing with them!

I first met Emme Town’s creator Marc Emmelmann, when I responded to a freelance website designer ad he posted while I was attending law school. After working together on numerous website and branding projects, I eventually learned Marc was in the early stages of pioneering his own children’s music company and would need an entertainment lawyer. Wouldn’t you know, I was happy about that!

Emme Town’s baby songs and kids songs are written by Marc Emmelmann and Teri Wilder, and the songs are jam-packed with inspirational social/emotional teachings. The inspiration for their songwriting comes from believing that music and singing songs play a strong role in early childhood development and can be tools to help make the world a kinder, smarter, and better place.

You’ll be glad to know that Emme Town has revamped and modernized songs like Row Your Boat and Ring Around The Rosey for modern families. Epic Row Your Boat gives new verses to Row Your Boat that talk about a car and plane. As you’ll soon find out, Epic Row Your Boat also helps instill the value of safe driving. Ring Around The Rosey lyrics always bothered Marc Emmelmann, and when he asked songwriter Teri Wilder to help write new lyrics to the timeless melody, The Twirling Song was born!

The composer of Emme Town  songs, Aaron Kies, is a long time friend of Marc Emmelmann. Aaron’s creative, whimsical music compositions are making history in the children’s music industry. You’ll notice a wide array of soft, calm, delightful sounds, as well as upbeat, fun, and adventuresome sounds. The well-placed sound effects, like water splashing, car driving, and plane flying from Epic Row Your Boat, will truly make your Emme Town experience sizzle!

I welcome you to learn more about Emme Town at and to sample their children’s music, and share with the new moms, parents, and caretakers in your world. There is a child in each of us, and you can take my word, adults love Emme Town, too!

Sample Emme Town baby songs and kids songs

(L-R: Laura Bueno, voice of”Fairy Godmother,” Teri Wilder, voice of “Ballerina,” Michaelangelo Loggia, Marc Emmelmann)

Emme Town Artists and Creative Team

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