Business Storytelling Quotes by Karen DietzBusiness storytelling is a great skill to have. I’ve curated some of my favorite business storytelling quotes to help you hone your craft. Business storytelling can influence the emails you write as well as the conversations you have in elevators. No matter where you are, if you are talking about business or doing business, understanding the power of business storytelling is crucial. If you haven’t taken the time to work on your storytelling skills, consider the words of Karen Dietz, the author of Business Storytelling For Dummies. Karen Dietz is a leading Employee Engagement authority, Scoop It Curator and Leadership Speaker.

“When you master the art of telling engaging stories your executive presence soars.” -Karen Dietz

“Before crafting a compelling story, change efforts start with listening for, evoking, and gathering stories from all levels of the organization.” -Karen Dietz

“Hierarchical, top-down communications that push change messages to employees aren’t effective.” -Karen Dietz

“It’s popular in some circles to say that everything is a story. That’s simply not true. Most of your daily life isn’t a story. Many of your conversations aren’t stories. A lot of what you read isn’t a story. In today’s business world, without a story, you get diminished results.” -Karen Dietz

“The strength of a great story depends on its characters and how well they’re fleshed out and developed.” -Karen Dietz

Here’s a look at something Karen Dietz calls “unfolding stories” — involving a single story with individual pieces revealed over a period of time to create and heighten drama and interest.

More Business Storytelling Quotes

If you want to listen to audio of great business storytelling quotes —  listen to this business storytelling jedi: Kendall Haven.

“Our reliance on story through the ages has caused a rewiring of the human brain such that it’s predisposed to think in terms of story. Story is how the brain creates meaning.” -Kendall Haven

“How are you going to stand out and be heard in your job?” -Lori L. Silverman

“He lays out clear steps for how to build what he calls insight scenarios–which are actually mini stories to share. These get prospects talking, have them be relaxed and not feel as if they are being sold to, articulate the real issues, and the value a solution would have for them that is connected to the bottom line.” -Michael Harris

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